MIZIP Tools and Accessories


Tools and Accessories: 

  • PC Interface - Device to programm keys/cards for your system, download and reporting of statistics with the included MIZIP Suite software.
  • Handheld Programmer - Connects to MIZIP readers and enables setup of programming parameters of the units.
  • Maxi Key - Device allows download of statistics from readers, software update and more.
  • Data Key
  • Charge Key
  • LCD Display - Display for MIZIP system shows key number, credits, system errors, etc.
  • MIZIP Pack - Vend pack with label to vend keys from candy spiral in a snack machine.
  • Header and Base for Recharge Station
  • MIZIP Plus harness - Allows coin mech and validator to be connected directly to M IZIP reader for machines that do not support revalue.
  • 14' MDB extension harness - For installations requiring long run from vending machine door to electroonics in the cabinet.
  • DEX harness - Supports direct connection of your DEX handheld to the MIZIP system.
  • PC Interface replacement power supply.
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